Protect Your Assets Chainalysis Reports Significant Decline in Criminal Revenues on the Crypto Market in 2023


3 months ago

Chainalysis Reports Significant Decline in Criminal Revenues on the Crypto Market in 2023

The recently released Chainalysis report for 2023 reveals a noteworthy decrease in criminal revenues associated with crypto scams and hacks. The report delves into the specifics, highlighting a 29.2% reduction in crypto fraud and an even more significant 54.3% decrease in hacking incidents.

Quantifying the Impact on Stolen Cryptocurrency

In 2023, stolen cryptocurrency accounted for a mere 0.34% of the entire volume of on-chain transactions, amounting to $24.2 billion. This represents a substantial drop from the $39.6 billion reported in 2022, indicating a positive trend toward a more secure crypto environment.

Sanctioned Entities and Jurisdictions Contribute to Illicit Transactions

The Chainalysis report underscores a significant finding that 61.5% of illicit transactions, totaling $14.9 billion, were linked to entities and jurisdictions under international sanctions. This highlights the challenges and risks of conducting transactions in regions subject to such restrictions.

Shifting Trends in Ransomware Markets and Darknet Marketplaces

Interestingly, the report identifies a departure from general trends, with an observed increase in revenues related to ransomware markets and darknet marketplaces. This shift raises questions about cybercriminals’ adaptability and evolving strategies in response to changing circumstances.

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Cryptocurrency Preference in Illicit Transactions

While Bitcoin remains the preferred cryptocurrency for cybercriminals due to its high liquidity, the report notes a substantial portion of illicit transactions in 2023 involved stablecoins. This is particularly evident in fraud and transactions subject to sanctions, pointing to an evolving landscape of illicit financial activities.

Challenges in Access to Traditional Fiat Currencies

Chainalysis sheds light on a significant factor influencing the rise of stablecoins in illicit transactions: the difficulty these actors face in accessing the US dollar through traditional means. This factor has driven the adoption of stablecoins as an alternative, offering stability in a volatile financial landscape.

Industry Losses and Attribution

The broader crypto industry suffered estimated losses of $1.8 billion in 2023 due to hacking attacks and fraudulent activities. Within this landscape, the North Korean Lazarus Group stands out as a major player, responsible for a substantial portion of the reported losses, specifically $308.6 million.

Factors Contributing to Reduced Losses

TRM Labs analysts have previously outlined factors contributing to reducing losses in the crypto industry from hacks in 2023. The industry’s increased focus on security measures, regulatory developments, and advancements in blockchain technology are among the key elements influencing this positive trend.